Scholarship Information

The Process and Requirements

The Treacy Foundation gives scholarships to starting freshman and sophomore college students who are residents of Montana or Idaho.

The scholarships are $3,000 per year and are renewable for 4 years provided the student requests renewal each year. You can go to any school that you like.

We do not offer scholarships for trade school. We do not offer scholarships to junior, senior, or graduate college students.

The applications are then reviewed by the Scholarship Selection Committee. The applicant will then be notified of his/her selection or non-selection.

We do provide preference to students requesting renewal of their scholarships, so we are limited on the number of new scholarships granted each year.


Once a student has been selected for a Treacy Foundation scholarship, that student will receive preference for renewal. You must write a letter or email the Treacy Foundation requesting renewal by May 1st each year. Include your student ID# and where you will be going to school.

If you have only one semester left, you can use the scholarship all in one semester.

If you have any questions, please email kimmy@treacyfoundation.org.


These are just a few of the colleges that our scholarships have helped students attend to prepare for their future.